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Turf Maintenance

A properly maintained turf field will not only keep your field looking and playing its best, but will also extend the life of the field, which in turn protects your investment.

A regularly mainted turf field should include:

Annual Maintenance Program

Turf Prep's annual maintenace program includes everything you need to maintain your field for one low yearly cost.

Annual Maintenance Benifits

By choosing Turf Prep to maintain your field you will enjoy the the following benifits:

  • Clean and Safe Turf
  • Germ and Debris Free Playing Surface
  • Level Playing Surface
  • Investment Proctection
  • Longevity of Playing Field
  • Preservation of Turf Appearance


The annual program includes SIX visits to your facility during peak usage seasons. THREE visits in the spring and THREE in the fall.

Each visit will include our 10 Point Inspection Process

  • Fiber Fibrillation Analysis
  • Seam Integrity Inspection
  • Inlayed Line Check
  • Infill Depth and Migration Care
  • Excessive Water Abatement
  • Excessive Wear Check
  • Glue Inlay
  • Base Stability
  • Perimeter Anchoring
  • Painted markings and UV Fade Turf




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